My name is Guillaume, I am a watch and style aficionado who used to work in the swiss watch industry. I launched my very own watch brand on Kickstarter and reached 191 961 €. Here is how the journey started, I inherited from my grand-grand uncle this beautiful unbranded vintage chronograph from the 50s. The watch was rusty and full of filth. I made it restaurated by a specialist of watch restoration in La Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland). It was a bit costly but the result was awesome and the watch was ready for a new Life on my wrist. For sure the watch was not going unnoticed! Most of my friends asked me where I bought it and how much it was costing. If you want to buy a watch like that from the 50s with a swiss mechanical movement, gold plated you can find one between 600 and 950€. Could be less, could be more it depends of the brand and the state of the watch. But the thing is that not all my friends were ready to spend this kind of budget for a watch. So here is my idea, Developp and produce a vintage chronograph for my friends and for everyone who think this watch is really cool. Hope you will like them.

Small Chronograph