Phase is the new endeavor of PT KAMI GAWI BERJAYA, the collective behind The Watch Co. a new development where we are aiming to focus on product design and the lifestyle market. We strive to innovative and develop model that is unique and pushes the boundaries of what is deemed conventional in Indonesia. We believe in supporting the local creative and innovators, the originators, the small players and the start-ups. Phase is a journal undertaken with ideals and dreams of seeking knowledge and experience, a collaborative endeavor, an experiment of exploration, design and learning. Born of the vision to expand horizons and to connect and create a community sharing the same lovers, interest and passions.

For the first ever collection, phase collaborated with VOYEJ, local purveyors of leather goods. Combining our collective minds to create two articles which directly reflect the ideology of both brands: Argus – a sleekly design compact wallet, and Ault – a nato leather watch strap.