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The subjective nature of design means that an individual’s interpretation of it changes with their perspective, both literally and figuratively speaking. For our latest issue – HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 8: The Perspective Issue — which launches today, we explore the subject of design from a multitude of angles that we feel are most relevant to our culture. Setting the tone for what is our most visually compelling issue to date – a guide on the ancient Japanese view point of finding beauty in imperfection, also known as wabi-sabi. Through the lens of Kyoto, Japan, we showcase the application of this age-old design philosophy to various objects and settings still being used today. In addition, we’ve got a feature on renowned Italian design house Pininfarina, who’s heritage in automotive design has set the standard for the aesthetic of super cars, specifically Ferraris. We also sat down with Tinker Hatfield, one of the most respected and innovative footwear designers at Nikeand Jordan Brand – a man who has dedicated his entire career to honing his craft and designed over 10 years worth of the most sought-after Air Jordan sneakers along the way. Alongside this, we look at design from the standpoint of industrial design, film and 3D animation, visual art, architecture, and more. This includes interviews with artist Samuel Burgess-Johnson, pop culture icon NIGO®, a selection of design-oriented products curated by our friends over at Cereal Magazine, a look at modern and minimal interior design with a notable architect, and many more exciting stories.

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