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The Group B era –which spanned from 1982-1986– was arguably the last romantic era of motorsport. It was a time of unfettered technical ingenuity, space age exotic materials and turbo-boosted horsepower. It was also a time of gladiatorial danger for drivers and co-drivers pushed to the very limits of human endurance through unforgiving mountain passes, desert roads, and snow covered woodland.

Autodromo’s Group B watch is an homage to the technical advancement and exotic materials finding use at the time, featuring a bi-metallic case construction. The Miyota 9015 automatic movement is housed within a lightweight 39mm titanium capsule composed of 2 parts, which is held to the wrist via a single-piece chassis with integral lugs, crafted in stainless steel. Thanks to the use of Titanium and a minimal amount of steel, the Group B watch is the lightest watch ever produced by Autodromo, weighing only 52 grams, even with the self-winding mechanical movement inside.

The Group B watch comes in a hand-crafted aluminum box with number plaque, and is equipped with two nylon straps inspired by racing harnesses, which can be changed on the fly with no tools. Each watch comes with one strap in gray, and one strap that matches the color of the dial markings. The overall aesthetic of the Group B speaks to the “high-tech” design language of the early 1980s, with a high contrast dial inspired by a period racing tachometer.

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