This Rolex Rare Piece Onscreen in Crazy Rich Asians Movie

A new romantic comedy movies titled "Crazy Rich Asians" is now coming to your favorit cinema. The film is adaption of Kevin Kwan's bestselling book and got a huge praise since its premiere.

The film is about a young Asian-American couple making the journey back to Singapore to meet family, but turns out her boyfriend's family are one of the wealthiest in Singapore who spend their wealth on luxury homes, cars, and watches.

Aside of the story, the props on this film also caught the audience attention or more specifically watches collector. Because there is a Rolex 'Paul Newman Daytona' featured on particular scene in the film. 

The Rolex Daytona, made of stainless steel and on sale between 1963 and 1970, became known as the “Paul Newman watch”. It had been expected to sell for £1m but there was far more interest than expected. More than 700 people crammed into the auction room, while others joined by phone from 43 countries. The Rolex was eventually sold to an anonymous phone bidder for $17,752,500.

This very rare watch find its way into this film by the help of Eric Wind (former auction house expert) and friend of Kevin Kwan who loan the Rolex from watch dealer and famous collector, Erick Ku. You can see the detail of a crazy nice Rolex on the cover image above.