Self-Driving Car Project by IKEA

SPACE10 who known as IKEA's future living lab just unveiled their latest project, focusing on how car interiors will change when vehicles become a commonplace. The project dubbed "Spaces on Wheels" is their collaborative project with the Copenhagen-based studio and features seven different concept with its own use: caef, farm, office, hotel, shop, and healthcare.

"That autonomous vehicles would not only redefine how people and goods move around our cities, but also redefine the very fabric of our daily lives.” SPACE10 explained. And Goran Nilsson as IKEA's Concept Innovation Manager added “in a future where people no longer have to worry about driving, vehicle interiors can expand to a point where we no longer are designing cars, but rather small spaces.”

See the gallery above to see the seven different concept of "Spaces on Wheels".