BMW 2002 Turbo From 1975 Is Now Ready to get
12 October 2018

Only 10 are known to remain on UK's roads.

The first turbocharged production car in the '70s, BMW 2002 Turbo model was limited production to just 1,672 units and only 10 are known to remain on the UK's roads. The first Europe's first turbocharge car spearheading what would be the German automobile company's M Performance range.

The car above is an original Chamonix WHite BMW 2002 Turbo first registered on New Year's Day 1975 in UK. This classic turbo machine is the second fastest coupe during its day, behind the Porsche 911. KKK turbocharger can achives a top speed of 131 mph and a 0 to 62 mph acceleration in 6.9 second.

Take a closer look on the original Chamonix White BMW 2002 Turbo in the gallery above.