Utilize Wireless-charging by Samsung x PESI

PESI's design studio was determined on how they will use technology in future. Byounghwi Jeon and Seungjoon Song of PESI explain, “The wireless-charging technology is in a simple form of charging rather than in complex connections so that it provides a charging environment that naturally mixes with the living space. We are proposing a natural and comfortable environment of using mobile products in living spaces through two types of the design of wireless-charging product collection that expand in various forms and soak into every living space.”

These objects combine a built-in battery at their base, enabling them to exist more as design pieces that blen in with the home. This collection consists of three furniture designs; Tray Cabinet, Tray Shelf, Tray Table and availabe in a palette of rust, olive, white, and black. Also, you can explore our watch collection here.