Timex TakeTime Video Series

Introducing #TakeTime, the new Timex philosophy that believes in the power of taking time. This year, Timex interviewed five inspiring icons from across Indonesia and asked them about how they #TakeTime as well as how that affects their work today.

#TakeTime The S.I.G.I.T (Rock & Roll Band), Deni Lizam (Pro Skater), Mulie Addlecoat (Tattoo Artist), Alinka Hardianti (Racer), and Krishna Malik (Photographer & Nature Enthusiast).

Those inspiring people tell us that Greatness can be only achieved when we are able to put our dedication, commitment and most importantly, time into it. Because time has the power to change us, mold us and in time, we can finally see who we truly are in the end.

You can watch the full series of Timex #TakeTime here.