This Is Why Fashion Love Eastpak Backpack So Much

Raf Simons is one of many designer who fall in love with Eastpak backpacks. Following up the succesfull series of collaboration betwen the designer and backpack brand, now on his sixth collaborative project, Raf Simons tell us why he’s keep drawing back to Eastpak.

“It’s connection with youth, the mutual understanding and respect," Raf explains over email. "We wanted to bring luxury menswear closer to the kids in the streets. Then it just evolved from there."

Raf Simons see the collaboration not as a saparate capsule but as a part of the whole show season collections. That’s what Christopher Raeburn and Vetements do with their collaborations with Eastpak.

See the pic of their collaboration above and check our Eastpak collection out here.