Sri Mulyani Shows Off Her Timex Watch

According to Indonesia’s Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, a watch is one of the most important item in her life. Due to her very tight schedule as a minister, time is of the essence. And if you guessed that Sri Mulyani wore only high-end watches with a billion-rupiah price tag like Richard Mille or Louis Moinet Magistralis, think again.

During her latest appearance at the Ministry of Finance office, she was last seen wearing a Timex watch. An iconic American heritage watch brand renowned for its timeless design and affordabilty.

“I wanted to buy a watch with dual-time function since my husband and I travel a lot to America. So when we do need to separate, there is a Washington time to show the time where my husband is located and the watch also shows the time where am I currently. It’s also affordable, can also light up and its water resistant! So when I do yoga or go running, sweating isn’t a problem.” said Sri Mulyani while showing her Timex watch during the iftar dinner at the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta.

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