Light Festival in Japan's Shimogamo Shrine

Following "Summer Forest", exhibition in Kyushu teamLab continues to push the boundaries of their light installations. The Japanese collective is a brand new experiential work at a World Heritage site ini Tadasu no Mori forest, Shimogamu Shrine, Japan. The upcoming festival will features a series of light installations by teamLab including  the organization’s Resisting and Resonating Forest and Resisting and Resonating Ovoids piece along the road that approaches the shrine.

“With the concept of ‘delivering Japanese beauty and culture to the world,’ we fuse opposing elements like technology and nature, progress, and tradition, or strength and beauty, and cherish the balance between them while we work to create a global beauty culture,” said teamLab. Moreover, the tower gate will boast light artwork that changes color during human interaction.

The festival opening ceremony will be going on August 15 and the installation will be on view until September 2. Take a closer look at the light festival by watching the video below.