Introducing The Watch Co. Jewelry

After bringin some of  greatest watches and accessories that complements your lifestyle, we would like to proudly introduce The Watch Co. Jewelry! Here you can find only timeless currated jewelry brands and products for your desire to look unique and feel extraordinary.

Our jewelry collection consists of some unique, timeless, and most noteable brands in industry coming from the best of local brands as well as international brands. Our selected jewelry brands consists of James Bart, Vitaly, Zlaba, From Tiny Islands, and Verso, which is now available at The Watch Co. More of notable boutique labels jewelry is soon to be available.

Only the best, most relevant and exciting products ever make it into our stores and onto our online collection. Whether you’re a long time jewelry enthusiast or casually looking for a new jewelry, The Watch Co. has something that’s unique to your personality.

Long for what you have, beacause life without desire means nothing. So hold on to your desire and let your desire be timeless.

Stay tune for the latest jewelry and watch news only at The Watch Co.



Model : Amelia Vindy & Samuel Suganda
Photographer : Freddy Franz & Eric Wilson
Videographer : Tommy Wiratama
Copywriter : Samuel Suganda & Raka Prayuga
Stylist: Irfianty, Sharein Shafa, Nathalisa Octavia
Wardrobe: HEIM & Goya