Eco-Design Bucharest Home by Daniel Nicole Popescu

Daniel Nicole Popescu from Fabrica de Arhitectura had a brief to create space in a densley populated part of town, and so, he's created this Bucharest-based set of homes showcase that make and eco-friendly space that's also desirable to look at. The building nods to traditional Romanian culture on motifs in the interior design appering throughout the homes alongside the blending of different materials in order to create a visually arresting space.

There's five Bucharest home in total, with sharing courtyard, private road, indoor swimming pool and spa. This area was build to creating a sense of community with the dwellers of the five homes.

The spaces are made for you who really enjoying sunlight, with kitchen area based near where the sun will be in the morning and the bedroom window near the sunset in the evening. See the picture gallery above for the detail of Bucharest Home.