Dynamic Phenomena, Felipe Pantone Upcoming Exhibition

The expert of creating vibrant artworks and murals that blend glitches, jagged grids, and computer-generated graphics, Mr. Felipe Pantone is continues to push the contemporary hyperrealism on his next exhibition in Paris. The exhibition titled "Dynamic Phenomena" is located in the Madga Danysz Gallery and feature new paintings that are injected with the aforesaid motifs yet with new digital-influenced elements and chaotic compositions.

Pantone pays tribute to graffiti, calling it “the ultimate movement, [that] is consistent with the theory of fluid modernity, with its transient relationships and its taste for disposable and ephemeral,” as expressed in his Ultradynamic Manifesto book in 2013.

"Dynamic Phenomena" set to launch this March 24 until May 12and you can see the preview works for the exhibit above.