Cocoa Candy Cigarettes by Fxxking Rabbits

Fxxking Rabbits teams up with ORION'S for a new type of flavored cigarette-like snacks. Combining the flavors of childhood with the toxins of adulthood.

The name of this cigarette-like snacks is "Cocoa Candy Cigarettes." Instead of all the ususal posion that comes with tobacco smoke, this ciggie offers the tastes of dessert and candy. FR2 aand ORION's deliver their "cocoa candy" flavors through sticks that really looks like a ciggarette. Fxxking Rabbit's are known as their signature "SMOKING KILLS" motif, so this item is pair really well with the brand's aesthetic; the bold "SMOKING KILLS' on the front of the packaging.

You can see the cool design of Fxxking Rabbits and ORION's Cocoa Candy "cigarettes" above.