BEAMS teams up with Timex and Engineered Garments for Their Latest Collaboration

The Godfather of Japanese fashion retail, BEAMS, have once again teamed up with the New York Contemporary Label, Engineered Garments and Timex, the iconic all American watch brand. Their latest rendition portrayed a reverse facing Timex camper watch.

BEAMS have always had a fond of Timex, with many releases done in the late 2000s and their love affair with the watch brand still exist with their latest collaboration watch. This latest drop sees the same design of the Timex camper surface in a new black colorway while retaining the unusual characteristic of the initial drop: the watch face is mirrored, with the numbers and branding facing backwards. The watch however, runs clockwise like any normal watch, making it challenging yet retaining a fresh experience in telling time.

What started as an exclusive Japanese only product, this new watch is finally hitting the Indonesian market as well. These bad boys will be available soon to The Watch Co.’s web store and will be released on 3 May 2018. The lucky people who can get their hands on these limited edition drop will get an exclusive Japanese Timex magazine. Don’t miss this hot drop at The Watch Co.’s website.