5 Most Stylish Footballers in World Cup 2018

Football players might be rugged and sweating bullets on the field when they are battling for the team, but seeing them in their chilling time with their most stylish self ever is different.

Some of the footballer who played in World Cup 2018 have a sense of fashion as strong as their sense on the field with a ball and become a fashion icon for some people.

Here it's, 5 most stylish footballer in World Cup 2018 :

1. Neymar Jr

Not just the best Brazillian winger, Neymar is actually atrue fashion winger in life. Anything he wears is just about winging it from there and looking absolutely good.

2. Paul Pogba

Pogba is an actual proof that some of footballer have expensive taste. With new school hip-hop and some R7B style that match he's kinda of music he addicted to.

3. Jesse Lingard

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The English lads number 7 is a super stylish. He knows how to score a goal, pass a ball, dance, and looks good with a luxury brands.

4. Jerome Boateng

The Germany centre-back has a real flair for fashion and unique style. He has catalouge of impressive lables likes Balmain, Balenciaga, Supreme, etc.

5. Antonie Griezman

His simple yet firce style is what style that you will fall in love with. The France striker loves Gucci and a pair of Puma's for a chill Saturday afternoon outfit.

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