Established in 2013, The Watch Co. has built its foundation on good quality and innovative design. We believe in seeking new talents and connecting with likeminded individuals that share these values.
At The Watch Co., we believe in empowering individual choice. Our collection consists of some of the watch industry’s most notable boutique labels, each offering its own unique, distinct flair and beyond that, we also offer the latest and greatest accessories that complements your lifestyle.
Only the best, most relevant and exciting products ever make it into our stores and onto our online collection. Whether you’re a long time watch enthusiast or casually looking for a new wristwatch, The Watch Co. has something that’s unique to your personality.
TIMEX x Red Wing Waterbury Chronograph
EASTPAK - Sloane Merge Mix Grey
RAINS - Curve Jacket Soil
After all, the time telling experience extends beyond mere minutes and seconds. It’s about collective memories and memorable milestones. We want our timepieces to be more than just a wristwatch.

We want them to be there where you are, while you’re creating memories and celebrating milestones.

With the latest design and most wanted watches, mixed with the hottest accesories, The Watch Co. is changing the watch game in Indonesia. Redefining the time telling experience with a touch of aesthetics and panache.